8 Types Of Success #MondayMotivation

To many, success means being wealthy and influential. To some, one can only be called successful if they are appear on print headlines and television shows. But the truth is the definition of success is relative. Each person will define success based on who they have been with and where they have been (experience).

To ensure you don’t stray from your goals this week, it is necessary that your definition of successful is clearly pointed out. So which of these are you trying to achieve?

  1. Material Success:

Looking to gather assets and luxury such as cars, houses, clothes, trips overseas….

  1. Emotional Success

Gained control of your relationships (in all spheres of life); you’ve built your self-esteem and your confidence is contagious.

  1. Intellectual Success

Consistently gathered knowledge through education and understanding in a field – becoming an expert in your field.

  1. Spiritual Success

living your life in service to God and man because of the feeling of a sense of purpose to humankind.

  1. Physical Success

Achieved good healthy and fitness through proper dieting and fitness workouts.

  1. Commercial Success

Owning a profitable business of your own that has grown to be recognized locally or internationally.

  1. Time Success

The ability to manage your time effectively and produce satisfactory results at a specified time.

  1. Collective Success

Being a great team player on any timed project.


It’s best to set objectives with each of type of success.

Life would be more than great if we all were able to own all of these ‘successes’.

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