5 Web Design Features That Will Be Popular In Future

Having noticed the current trends of designs on web, there is a hig probablity that we will be seeing a lot more of these features around:

  • 1. Photojournalism

This might be become a trend with fictional writers and biography websites. Rather than rely solely on words to create pictures in the viewer’s mind, pictures can be directly placed in full on websites to create a movie-like feel, equating to an unforgettable experience.web design

  • 2. More ‘Human’ Presence

A full, clear image of a person on a website carrying out an activity would definitely catch the attention of the viewer and most likely drive him/her to take a positive action, maybe a click, or a referral.

web design


  • 3. Bolder Categories

The Clutter just keeps building up and the categories are never ending. How do we solve the clutter issue of every website? Make the categories bolder and more artistic.



  • 4. Self-Scrolling Pages

The mouse might get longer pauses in the future. Many a time, you find website visitors tend to scroll through a page in one quick mouse drag (probably because the website is boring anyway). However, self-scrolling pages might reduce the bounce rate of website visitors.

  • 5. GIF Animated Pages

GIFs have taken over social media and a lot of writers are starting to use them to give expression to articles. But GIFs go way beyond commuinicating reactions and gestures. They can be used to show examples, in cases where there are forms or spaces to be filled on a site. The more visually engaging a page is, the longer time a visitor will stay on it.



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