4 Smart Ways To Use Your Old and Problematic Smartphone

Are you one of those that gives out your old problematic phones to less privileged family and friends? If yes, you are wicked. Isn’t there a quote in the religious book that says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?

Instead of adding another stumbling block to someone’s life, here are 4 things you can use your old smartphone for:

  1. Torch

Believe it or not, your old smartphone is way better than those ‘Made in China’ rechargeable lamps, well except the smartphone has a really bad charging port or battery issue.


  1. Music Player / Radio

You want to listen to music on-the-go and still conserve your battery percentage? You’ve got the answer. Use your old smartphone! We know the electricity situation has improved but until it’s perfect, we should keep all our options open.


  1. Games

Still on the issue of conserving battery percentage… you can use your old phone to play your favourite games wherever you are.


  1.  Keep More Apps

You could store apps for later use on your old smartphone by sending it from your current phone to your old phone using Xender. This will help maintain enough space in your phone’s memory.



Got any more suggestions? Drop a comment below.


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