4 Content Aggregation Apps That Will Keep You Updated About Trends, News and Gossips

Trying to keep up with trends, current topics of discussions and worldwide news is totally tiring and sometimes difficult, especially if you have a lot of interests. You have used up all of your storage space downloading apps that you thought would increase your productivity and keep you posted on ‘wildfire’ gist but it has not worked out the way you planned it.

Knowing that you cannot download all of the apps that exists in order to stay updated, we decided to run you through a list of 4 apps that are cool, easy to understand and are very useful for staying updated with all kinds of things.

  • 1. Twitter

This is the number one app a lot of people use to keep track of what is happening. It is safe to say that Twitter Trends have become the most reliable source of juicy headline news since many have drastically reduced the rate at which they watch TVs and read newspapers. Twitter trends allows you to view the most discussed topics all over the world. So if you’re on Twitter, you should know that your timeline comes right after the trends section – this is especially important and beneficial for those who do not follow any influencers.

4 apps that will keep you updated
Source: MarketingLand
  • 2. Flipboard

Flipboard is an effective content aggregator that draws news and articles from magazines, newspapers, blogs, articles, etc from an extremely wide range of people, topics, and countries. If you don’t have the time to search for news website by website, you can simply follow the website page on Flipboard. Flipboard also gives you the newspaper feel when you’re reading articles; the pages flip away like newspaper pages do.

  • 3. Feedly

This is similar to Flipboard, although the design is different; Feedly is more colourful than Flipboard. It has a timeline of news and it’s also really easy to use. However, many seem to prefer Flipboard because it has more social integration than Feedly – it allows you to share, like comment on news with other social media apps.

  • 4. gReader

gReader is linked to a website RSS feeds so that you get your favourite website’s content immediately it drops. However, if you subscribe to a lot of websites, you will (note that ‘will’ was used, not ‘might’) be overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to deal with at a go. The more pages/websites you subscribe to, the more headache you’d get. The only awesome thing about this app is that you get the news immediately it is published on the site.

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