3 Ways The D’banj and Idris Elba Collabo Could Have Been Better #Confidential

By now, every one has heard D’banj’s song ‘Confidential’ on which he featured Idris Elba…dear dear Elba, awesome Elba, eye candy Elba, and Shadow Boxer, but we don’t care about him.

Well, here are 3 ways he could have made better use of Idris Elba…

  • 1. Elba should have been shirtless

We don’t understand how D’banj will have the answer to every woman’s dreams in his video and not make him strip. And it’s a win-win, a naked Elba would have distracted us from how ‘blehhh’ the song was.

idris elba 1

  • 2. Elba should have been given to the ladies

We are his biggest fans, we can kill for the dude. So D’banj should have used actual Elba lovers in the video, given us a chance to touch him, hug him, etc. That way D’banj would have been assured of another MAMA next year, one he’d actually deserve.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.04.30 AM

  • 3. Elba should have been gagged

Now this might sound harsh but D’banj should have gagged Elba. That way he would have been a victim of the song as much as we were. D’banj would have taken the blame for the disaster of a song, then he’d have something in common with his ‘padi’ Akon.

Unfortunately, he didn’t ask us, so it is what it is…Sad.


(This post first appeared on star.ng)

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