3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Get Over Your Worst Moments

The Internet is a beautiful place because even in the midst of the noise and clutter, Netizens still have the power of choice, especially on social media.

You can choose what you want to listen to, what clique or communities you want to belong to, and what kinds of things you want to see on.

Even in the bad times, when going through hard times and life looks bleak depressing, social media can still help one get over the worst moments.

  • If you’ve ever been so broke that you can’t go out, then you should know logging in to Twitter alone is like entering a bar. The discussions are endless, with 350,000 tweets sent out per minute, and unlike real bars, the Internet won’t chase you home because it’s closing or ask for ID because you’re too young.
  • If you are bored, then you should know that 48 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute. That’s an endless stream of magicians and their incredible acts, cat videos, music videos, comedy skits, ‘how to’ videos, documentaries and the list goes on and on.
  • There are times when you just need to laugh, go on Instagram and scroll through the comedy profiles, they will have you laughing your behind off. Plus Facebook videos now get 8 billion views daily, from about 500 million users.


Photo Credit: 123topimages.net

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