3 Men Nigerian Women Really Wish Were Not Gay

Since love won and Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, it seems like the world has become more accepting of the LGBT community. However, there are men we still cannot believe are gay. If wishes came in currency notes, some of us would have dropped millions (if we had that much) to get this men to become heterosexuals.

  • 1. Jussie Smollett

His role as Jamal Lyon in Empire taught us to rise above our fears and fight for what is truly ours by being hardworking and persistent. Even though he was gay in Empire, it was shocking to find out that he was actually gay in reality.


  • 2. Kehinde Bademosi

If you’ve ever watched any of Kenny Brandmuse’s YouTube videos, you’d have noticed how soft spoken and friendly he seems. Kenny Brandmuse is not only a marketing communication expert but an eyecatcher. We really wish he could consider being heterosexual again.


  • 3. Frank Ocean

Do you know how painful it is when you realize that the songs you loved so much may have been inspired by men? That’s how we felt when we heard Frank Ocean was gay. There have been comments that rappers won’t work with him because of his sexual preference but whatever the case may be, the girls love you Frank Ocean and we’ll buy your records.


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