2Face At 40: One Song That Has Defined 2Face’s Life So Far #LyricalFriday

Nfana Ibaga. It means ‘no problem’. 2Face Idibia has been described as a man who keeps humility and respect as his watchwords. The lyrics of his 2004 Nfana Ibaga describe what has gotten him this far:

Yeah I’m coming out straight this time I’m coming out with a little piece of my own kind of piece of mind I’m doing it my way this time Like I’m not gonna bore you with some flimsy kind of piece of rhymes  So pull a cushion, sit back relax and listen To this introduction of me, myself and my mission My vision is to let you all see That there’s more to this life than just faking up reality

Yeah, reality

I wake up in the morning and I stretch up my feet Say a thank you prayer then I brush up my teeth A little exercise then I grab something to eat Put on a piece of clothing and then step out into the street Then into the studio just to hook up some beat Later to the club to make the people feel the heat Make an honest living and I’m proud about it Making sure that all my mistakes I don’t repeat Like I mind my own business and I don’t give a shit I say what’s on my mind I don’t have time to edit Got to thank the Lord that He’s helped me pon the feet Oh praise the Lord He give me power to defeat If you give me stone instead they got to give me meat I try to pan it and I try to forget it Everybody know that me too legit to quit Everybody know that me physically fit Everybody know that me humble and cool But some people them take me for a fool Nfana Ibaga o Never give another man yawa o So the reason why I say Nfana Ibaga o Is that I got my conscience by my side Got peace of mind inside Nfana Ibaga o  No matter what I do I’m going to make my dough So the reason why I say Nfana Ibaga Is who God has blessed, no man can curse No man can curse No man can curse Today is the first day of the rest of my life I got to be stronger got to be ready for the strife I know some people will say somethings that will cut like a knife I know some people will say that I might never find a wife But I’ll do my thing my way oh my brother no be fight Sometimes I might be wrong sometimes I might be right But I’ll keep my head straight And I’ll keep my game tight Cause wetin I dey see na a future wey dey bright Got to have it all, not just a bite Got to have it all, not by power, not by might But cause’ Kennis Music got my back day and night  And the Almighty Lord He never let me leave His sight But upon on top of that I still will do my people plight So I promise I go use my music to dey shine the light I no go com form like say I no dey shit  I go bear my mind, I go bear am black and white Just because I say I no finish school Some people them they take me for a fool ….

Happy 40th Birthday 2Face. You’ve taught us that humility and consistency pays. We look forward to your biography.

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