2 Nollywood Actors Who Didn’t Ask To Become Social Media Comedians

Thanks to the plethora of video editing and watermarking apps, you don’t need a sense of humour to become a comedian on Instagram, Facebook, Vine these days. All you need to do is take cuts from one funny video and add in funny statements from silly Nigerian movies or political interviews. The funny thing about this well known process of making videos is that many have become famous from the Nollywood cuts in IG videos.

The most popular guys benefitting from funny video editing on Instagram are:

  • 1. Francis Odega

Francis Odega is not a greenhorn in Nollywood. He is known to act more Nigerian comedies than drama, yet he never really got the attention that fast-track comedians received. Luckily for him, someone somewhere used his “Gerrarahere Mehn Shit” cut on Instagram and it went viral – even 50 Cent used it to describe trolls.

This is me for Real!!!?don’t ask me for sh!t. LMAO #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

A video posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Now, every time any one says anything stupid or acts a fool, the next video that comes after is “Gerrarahere mehn shit, you know what I’m saying?  Francis Odega now has a following of about 15,000 on Instagram and has posted a picture with M.I Abaga taken a shoot. Wonder what they’re up to. francis odega gerrarahere mi idafrica

  • 2. Charles Okocha

If you don’t remember him from Super Story, then you might have seen Charles Okocha in a Nigerian movie speaking a version of the American accent no one has ever heard before. He is quite funny and he probably didn’t know it until after a movie he was casted in, #IgweTupac became a hit on Instagram, before moving to other platforms.  Although he has not gained as many followers as Francis Odega, he has been nominated for awards abroad.

Hop in MA Ride and Come lollipop me… #haha #Lol #igwetupac #Nollywood #movie#comedy

A video posted by Femi Oke JaychocTV (@femiokejay) on

As if it’s not enough, someone decided to do the remix of the duo’s cuts…. LOOOL!    


I’m sorry I can’t take this anymore… I can’t.. This has to stop ???????????? #IgweTupac remix


A video posted by Laide (@exschoolnerd) on

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