2 Effective Online Tools for Video Editing and Distribution on Android

Videos are taking a major part of our attention on social media – Facebook is trying everything (including hiding our articles and wordy posts) to stay on top of YouTube; Twitter now has its own live-streaming app and Snapchat videos are the bomb. Making funny, instructional, informative and random videos has become necessary for entrepreneurs, celebs, brands and businesses.

You don’t need a HD camera to make a fantastic video to get people to view it this day – remember Frank Odega’s Gerrarahere video? The quality wasn’t top notch but he still got noticed by 50 Cent all the way in the United States in Igwe Tupac’s voice.

Here are 2 video editing and distribution apps that you will surely  need for your next awesome social video:

  1. Viva Video

This is a free video editor that lets you merge clips of different videos (or the same video) together. Although it comes with a watermark, it’s easy to use to and awesome for super quick video edits.

  1. Instafit

It’s difficult squeezing certain videos on Vine and Instagram. This app makes your video fit perfectly and conserves the quality of your video.


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